fun for everyone

Bowling is a perfect activity for friends, family, or events. Enjoy a blend of excitement, competition, and relaxation.
  • 28 10-Pin Bowling Lanes.
  • Large LED screens above the lanes to enjoy while you bowl.
  • Food & beverage ordering available at both the snack bar and Kiosk station.
  • Conqueror X scoring system with tons of fun activities within your bowling experience.


Light Up The Fun!

Laser Alley 72
Glow bowling combines the thrill of bowling with a vibrant, neon-lit atmosphere. Perfect for a night out with friends, family, or special events.
  • 28 10-Pin Bowling Lanes.
  • The lights are off, the black lights & neon lights are ON!
  • Listen to your favorite music & get in the zone!
  • Watch the music videos on our huge LED screens above the lanes. Also watch your favorite sports games & enjoy the funny videos on chive TV.


Endless Fun Awaits!

Step into a world of excitement and adventure at the arcade. Perfect for friends, family, or solo fun.
  • 50+ arcade games to choose from.
  • Arcade cards to make it easy to keep track of your tickets without the hassle of carrying all your tickets around.
  • Prize room with over 100 of the newest and innovative prizes!